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I know other people who play 21 or blackjack from time to time. They'll play $5 a hand for an hour or so then whine when they're down $20 or so. They'll usually make at least a dozen basic strategy decisions at the table in that hour. Not me. I play 21 (blackjack) with perfect basic strategy every hand. And I don't play for an hour at a time either. When I play blackjack, I play blackjack for hours. Marathon blackjack sessions are my favorite part of a trip to Vegas, or Reno, or Atlantic City. I have even recently started to play at online casinos for real money and found onlinecasinosuite.org as a great starting point for find safe internet casinos. Online Casino Suite only approves select casinos which are know for transparency. Check out their new site design and you'll find the latest technology and design presented in a clean and easy to digest format.

With perfect basic strategy, a 21 player can reduce the house edge at blackjack to about 0.5%. That house edge is also what some people call the "expected loss". That's a per bet figure, but it's not a guaranteed loss unless you're playing a tremendous number of hands. In the short term, anything can and will happen in a game of blackjack (21). But mathematically speaking, you can take the total amount wagered, multiple it by the house edge, and get an idea of how much you can expect to lose playing a certain game. www.casino-mate.com is one of the best websites for online betting and casino website .

21So if I wager $100 on a game with a 0.5% house edge, I can "expect" to lose 50 cents. (That's 0.5% of $100.) And it doesn't matter whether I make twenty $5 bets, two $50 bets, or a single $100 bet, the expectation stays the same. But...the more bets you make, the closer you're going to come to the expectation. That's why, if you want to double your money at a game of 21, the best strategy is to place a single $100 bet. The expectation doesn't change, but the likelihood of doubling your money is a lot better. To double your money in a blackjack (21) game when making twenty $5 wagers, you'd have to win every single bet, twenty bets in a row. To double your money when making a single $100 wager, you only have to win once.

Which of those scenarios do you think is more likely, winning twenty hands in a row, or winning a single hand of 21?

BlackjackBut people like me don't have a single, small goal like winning enough to double my $100. I want to play blackjack for hours. I don't mind losing a little bit of money. I enjoy the camaraderie of playing blackjack with the other people at the table. I enjoy flirting with the pretty blackjack dealers. I enjoy the challenge of playing perfect basic strategy, making perfect decisions hand after hand, hundreds of hands in a row.

I don't count cards, although I understand the concept of counting cards. It's too much work.

I look at it this way. Assuming I play $5 per hand, and I'm dealt 60 hands of blackjack per hour, then I'm putting $300 per hour into action. With an expected loss of 0.5%, I'm looking at losing $1.50 per hour.

That, my friend, is cheap entertainment.

I can play 12 hours of 21 (blackjack) and put $3600 into action in that amount of time. My expected loss for that period is only $18. And I can guarantee you that I will drink more than $18 worth of expensive Scotch or beer in that amount of time. Blackjack online is just as fun as blackjack in a traditional casino, but online blackjack games also offer bonus chips that you won't find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Blackjack (21) is one of the greatest games ever invented. If you play with perfect basic strategy, it's some of the cheapest casino entertainment you could ask for.

If you happen to get tired of counting cards and strategy, you can play some free slots so you can still enjoy gambling and give your brain a rest.

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